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The BEST IDEA project has a history of 7 years of tradition of competition through the presentation of the best ideas in business practice and their implementation.

The official announcement of the winner of the Best Idea 2020-Gala Award this year was watched by over 2700 spectators. There were 20 countries and 25 companies in the competition, with 169 presentations. We had 8 categories in which we competed: SALES, MARKETING, DIGITAL, COMMUNICATION, BEST IMPLEMENTATION, LOGISTICS, ULTRA INNOVATION, OTHER

Within these 8 categories there were 8 winners.

Among 169 ideas within the Best Idea 2020 project at the level of the entire Orbico Group, our company Orbico Beauty proudly took first and second place in the competition.

In the category of the SALES, the first place was won by our Enna Iblizović and Neira Kurtović.
In the category of the MARKETING ideas, the second place was won by our Hana Vuković.

Thanks to the entire Orbico Beauty team who worked on the Best Idea 2020 project.

We look forward to the new Best Idea 2021 challenge!

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