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ORBICO BEAUTY winner of the certificate “Excellence in Diversity”

We started the project of certification of legal entities "Excellence in Diversity" in 2020 and we are one of the first 5 companies in B&H who received this certificate based on all the standards by which we operate.

Five B&H companies and institutions - Klika, Unija, Orbico Beauty, McCann and SSST University are the first companies who received the certificate 'Excelling in Diversity', which confirms that they provide equal opportunities and working conditions to all groups of society, regardless of their individual characteristics and social status.

This important certificate is awarded to B&H companies and institutions that treat all employees and candidates for vacancies equally, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability and everything else that classifies persons as a marginalized group.

The first step in the certification process is to go through a comprehensive review of documentation, acts, regulations, standards by which the company operates so that the company can become a candidate for certification.

Working with the D&I coalition, as the project holder, after a detailed analysis of the situation, interviews with management, human resources department and employees in the company, the data is analysed and a report which is produced containing detailed recommendations that the company or institution needs to meet to successfully implement these policies and practices. If the company already meets the set conditions, it acquires the right to obtain a certificate.

We are proud of the fact that we truly live “Excellence in Diversity” which shows what our attitude is towards employees, clients, partners and associates, in terms of equality regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, disability or ethnicity.

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