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Wide spectrum of brands represented and distributed by Orbico Beauty has become even richer for a new, world-renowned brand in March 2019. We are proudly representing Origins story. 

In March 2019, Origins, globally one of the most famous cosmetic skincare brands from the Estee Lauder Companies group, was launched. 

The story begins in America in 1988, with Leonard Lauder's vision of creating the first skincare brand based exclusively on natural ingredients that, by using advanced technology and science, provide safe and highly effective products. Initially, there was only Project 250, and the Origins brand name was created in 1990. 

Origins workes solely with manufacturers of ingredients and factories that guarantee and have certificates that release the minimum carbon emission into the atmosphere and whose production is carried out with the help of natural sources of wind, water and sun energy. In accordance with nature, Origins takes and restores nature and has, so far, planted around 600,000 trees all around the world. 

The products that Origins is famous for are parts of A Perfect World, Plantscripton, Ginzing, Make a Difference, Orinigal Skin, Zero Oil and Three-Part Harmony collections.

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