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Wide spectrum of brands represented and distributed by Orbico Beauty has become even richer for a new, world-renowned brand in March 2019. We are proudly representing Smashbox story. 

The story of Smashbox began in 1996 with the birth of brand which worked perfectly in tough Photo studio conditions, and was created by Max Factor's great-grandsons. All this made them think about creating a make-up that would be perfect, long-lasting and resistant – from scene to street. 

That's how Shashbox came out – a brand that perfectly matched everything they ever wanted. An impeccable make-up, that provides a sense of comfort and durability during shooting and real-life and all of that without any additional corrections, was created.

In 2010, Smashbox became one of the most famous make-up brands of the Estee Lauder Group, and it was renowned by the splendid Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating  Foundation. Many make-up experts and critics say that the make—up industry has experienced a reneissance with Smashbox primers. 

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